Trauma Assessment and Treatment

Adults and children can be impacted by little traumas and big traumas.  Often times, adults have difficulty functioning in relationships or can be easily triggered, emotionally, as a result of trauma(s) or traumatic experiences that are unresolved from childhood.  Adverse Childhood Experiences influence functioning for adults, adolescents and children relative to social, emotional, occupational, academic and behavioral functioning.  Adults, adolescents and children can minimize the impact of traumatic experiences, in their daily functioning, and feel less burdened by the impact  of traumatic childhood or adult experiences.   Through providing clinical assessment and evidence based, research driven treatment, clients can feel an increased sense of awareness and regulation around emotional and social functioning.  Traumatic exposure in childhood can have an impact on the developing brain and a child's arousal and cognitive functioning.  Through psycho-education and assistance from a mental health provider with advanced training in trauma and neuro-developmental impact of trauma on the developing brain, psychotherapy can assist clients with developing coping skills and mindfulness around trauma and the stimuli provoking arousal.    Therapy services provided to clients impacted by trauma may include but are not limited to: individual therapy, family therapy, mindfulness and relaxation techniques, narrative therapy, experiential therapy, EMDR, art and play therapy, and  psycho-education and consultation to parents, schools, professionals and community agencies.

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