Elizabeth Matola, MSW, LCSW


Elizabeth Matola, MSW, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist and founder of Mindful Therapy & Consulting, LLC.  Ms. Matola provides individual, couples and family therapy.   Ms. Matola works with children, adolescents and adults.  With over 15 years of experience,  Ms. Matola is highly qualified to provide treatment, consultation, mediation and psycho-education on treatment issues.  Ms. Matola has served as a supervisor as well as clinician for several treatment programs.  She has facilitated consultation and trainings for several community programs, agencies and schools.  She is passionate about providing clinical consultation for therapists looking to obtain LCSW licensure and obtain 3,000 hours of clinical supervision.

Ms. Matola utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, EMDR and other advanced therapeutic modalities, to assist clients with anxiety, depression, marital problems, divorce, parenting issues, self esteem, trauma, attachment, school problems, peer issues, ADHD, emotional and behavioral problems.  Ms. Matola is passionate about using creative methods to help children and adolescents meet their treatment goals, through the use of art, sand, and play techniques.  

 Ms. Matola has extensive experience and training in trauma, and is highly qualified and effective in treating adults and children impacted by trauma.  Ms. Matola has advanced experience in working with the neuro-developmental impacts of trauma on the developing brain.  She has implemented clinical applications of trauma into staff training programs, and provided psycho-education, training and consultation pertaining to trauma for teachers and schools.  

Ms. Matola also dedicates a large portion of her practice for working with family systems impacted by divorce.  Elizabeth Matola, MSW, LCSW is passionate about helping high conflict and low conflict families achieve a child centered divorce, through many roles/services: parent coach, child specialist, mediator, reintegration therapist and co-parenting therapist.  Ms. Matola has advanced training in parental alienation, and high conflict divorce.  In addition, she has advanced knowledge and expertise pertaining to the impact of divorce on child development and the implications of divorce on family systems.  Ms. Matola has a passion for helping families develop healthy and appropriate boundaries and enhanced parenting communication.   Ms. Matola is trained as a child specialist and mediator, and can effectively assist families to develop and customize in depth parenting plans, that are child centered and developmentally appropriate.  

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