Child Specialist/ Divorce Mediation

Divorce is a challenging process and difficult to navigate.  Families that receive guidance and support from a mental health expert,  can help mitigate the emotional impacts of divorce on their children.  When children are involved, it can be highly beneficial for both parents to receive support and guidance from a child specialist, to assist in decision making and considerations to attempt to achieve "a child centered divorce". 

 A child specialist is a mental health professional with collaborative divorce training and advanced training in child development and the impacts of divorce on family systems.  A child specialist helps to minimize the potential challenges faced by children of divorce.  The child specialist functions as a neutral resource, to help parents with co-parenting considerations pertaining to their children.  By interviewing the children and offering a feedback session, a child specialist works to reflect the "voice" of the child, and child development considerations pertaining to research and literature specifically to divorce and child development.  A child specialist uses advanced training and education to offer insights and feedback to guide the family with solutions and child centered decision making.  The feedback sessions can offer parents a sense of how their child is doing, and what is important to the child, or impacting them throughout the divorce process.  

The child specialist role can offer many benefits to family systems including but not limited to:

  • Providing resources to help families cope with divorce
  • Enhancing co-parenting communication 
  • Developing co-parenting relationships and decision making during times of conflict
  • Developing or modifying a Parenting Plan
  • Helping parents talk to their children about divorce
  • Keeping the children out of the conflict between parents
  • Helping minimize stress and impact of divorce on children
  • Helping parents support their children with the divorce at specific age level and stage of development
  • Working with divorce coaches or collaborative divorce teams to focus on the child and make informed decisions around the child for the parenting plan

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